Dogs are generally considered to be one of the first domesticated animals and originate from the gray wolf. Dogs have been living with humans for more than 14,000 years. Dogs are social animals and therefore enjoying being part of a family. For dogs kept as a pet, they are often seen as a member of the family. However, the family needs to ensure that the dog is well trained and also that the dog is not the leader of the house as this can result in challenging behavior. Make sure to visit

Puppies that are between 8-12 weeks old need four meals a day. When they reach the ages of 3-6 months past need three meals a day. Between the ages of 6 months to 1 year, old puppies need two meals a day. For larger dogs, once they reach one-year-old one meal a day is all they require; however, smaller breeds tend to require two meals a day. The most advised food for a dog is dry as this provides a well-balanced diet, dry food can be mixed with water if the dog prefers this or even mixed with wet food. Some owners feed their dog's human food such as eggs and meat; many find that dogs do enjoy this. However, these additional treats should not make up more than 10% of the dog's daily intake, and owners should also be highly aware of harmful foods to dogs such as chocolate.  

Every dog requires some form of daily exercise for both its mental and physical stimulation. However, the amount of activity that a dog needs will depend on the breed of dog; larger dogs will require much more than a smaller breed. Furthermore, the age and quality of health of the dog will also influence the amount of exercise needed. Ensuring that your dog gets enough exercise is not just crucial for the health of the dog. Still, it will also help to prevent destructive behavior as well as general behavior problems. Dog health insurance policies are available to help with the vet's bills.

Although dogs clean themselves, it is also essential that you ensure your animal is kept clean, bushing your dog will help this as well as helping to reduce shedding. Cleaning your dog is also crucial that you regularly check for fleas and ticks; this is particularly important to do during warm weather. As well as bushing your animal, they will require a bath or groom a few times a year, depending on the breed and your personal preference. This can be done at home, or some owners prefer to take their dog to the groomers and have their coats cut. 

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